We find ourselves in an environment where $80,000 engineers who run $7,000 software suites on $6,000 workstations struggle to visualize designs (worth untold amounts of money) using a $45 mouse.

In this whitepaper, CAD trainer and management expert Robert Green reviews a device that not only manipulates and visualizes 3D designs better, but also provides immediate ROI. Turns out, it's not the mouse you bought at the electronics store. 

Download 3D Mice: Large Enterprises Beef Up CAD Efficiency and Save Millions to learn:
  • How 3D mice differ from run-of-the-mill devices, and why that matters for your company.
  • Just how much money 3D mice can save your organization over a period of months and years.
  • The comfort, productivity and creativity benefits these devices provide.

Isn't it time to see the stats on just how much your firm could save by making a strategic hardware investment that costs far less than new software or workstations?

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